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Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, or another special occasion, Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery is a leading alternative for custom cakes in Bergen County NJ. Mazur’s Bakery, a family owned bake shop has been a legend locally. Now reopened as a member of the Sugarflake family, who is known for multiple bakeries in the Bergen County NJ area, customers can count on top quality products and service when they are shopping for baked goods. We utilize only the highest quality ingredients possible as a boutique bakery, making certain your specialty cake isn’t just going to taste great, but look great as well. When it comes to providing high quality decorative cakes, few bakeries in the local area can match our commitment. The dedication you will get at Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery means that our decorative cakes in Northvale NJ are going to be the perfect centerpiece for whatever type of occasion you need it for.

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When searching for the ideal birthday or wedding cake in Bergen County NJ, never sacrifice flavor for appearance and style. At our bakery, we have a staff of creative pastry artisans who have substantialexperience in the business and also have spent countless hours creating incredibly detailed decorative cakes. At Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery, we think that all of our custom cakes shouldn’t merely look great but taste fantastic as well. Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery is such a leading choice for those looking for a bake shop in Northvale NJ because we’re able to discover this balance. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations and create a decorative cake that they will remember for many years to come. We know that anyone can make a plain old cake, but our specialty cakes, which are artfully crafted displays of sugary glory, can only come from one place, Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery.

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In the event that you’re looking for a wedding cake in Bergen County NJ, there’s no need to go anywhere else. At Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery, we treat customers as an extension of our family. Therefore, we would like to create a wedding cake for you exactly as we would make one of our own. You shouldn’t ever trust a wedding cake to someone without experience. The countless hours we have spent laboring on delicious and beautiful pastry creations means you can depend on us to craft you the wedding cake of your dreams. There’s nothing we love more than seeing the smile on someone’s face when they see one of our wedding cakes. For this reason our cakes have resulted in a large number of satisfied customers and why we are one of the most premier choices for a cake shop in Northvale NJ.

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At our bakery we specialize in creating custom birthday cakes that may be as unique as the individual whose birthday you’re celebrating.We’re able design the perfect cake for anyone, regardless of whether they’re into music, fitness, shopping, or sports. We can also provide gluten free birthday cakes in Bergen County NJ for those with gluten allergies, which you’ll find taste just as great as our other delicious cakes. The next time you are in need of a wedding or birthday cake in Northvale NJ, don’t hesitate to visit us at Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery.