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Mazur’s Bakery raised the standard for excellence as a cake shop in Bergen County NJ for almost nine decades. Currently under new ownership of Sugarflake Bakery, well-known for our multiple locations in the local region, we aim to take Mazur’s to new peaks. By starting with simply utilizing the finest quality flour, the freshest eggs, along with other natural ingredients, our specialty cakes, birthday cakes, and wedding cakes taste just like ones grandma used to make from scratch, but just a bit better. We are additionally a top choice if you’re shopping for gluten free cakes, having invested a substantial amount of time tweaking our recipes constantly until we arrived at a secret recipe making sure they are as moist and delicious as our other cakes. We are known for offering competitive prices when you are shopping for both same day pre-made and decorative cakes in Rochelle Park NJ in comparison with other bakeries in Bergen County NJ.

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The Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery staff recognizes the significance of having a perfect wedding cake as you celebrate the start of your new life with your groom or bride with your family and friends as a local family owned bake shop in Bergen County NJ. To craft a cake which will be exactly what you’d like, taste amazing, and look great as well, we spend time to find out just what you’re searching for out of your specialty cake. In addition to the traditional all-white tiered wedding cake, our bakers and cake designers create unique custom wedding cakes according to your specifications. For instance, we can create a black and white tuxedo style wedding cake or a tiered wedding cake with a trellis of piped flowers going up the side of the custom cake. Give our bake shop a call the next time you want a custom wedding cake in Bergen County NJ.

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Whether your favorite little one is celebrating his or her first birthday, or if the birthday person is a hundred years young, our bakers and cake designers can make a delectable and eye pleasing birthday cake at our bake shop in Bergen County NJ. We are able to create a cake that’s going to match your interests, from cartoon characters for kids to golf bags, slot machines, or someone’s favorite adult beverage. Our amazing gluten free cakes will mean that everyone will be able to indulge in a fantastic tasting sweet birthday cake, regardless of the fact that they might have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. The next time you are shopping for birthday cakes in Rochelle Park NJ or the rest of Bergen County NJ, forget shopping at a grocery story for a run of the generator birthday cake. Visit Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery right away and enjoy.

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Our staff will welcome you like family when you enter our local family owned bakery in Bergen County NJ. In addition to establishing the standard for other bakeries, which they can’t meet, for excellent tasting and eye catching cakes, Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery also raises the bar for attentive customer service at our bake shop. Visit Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery today in the event you’re shopping for a specialty cake in Rochelle Park NJ and experience a cake you aren’t ever going to forget.