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For over 70 years Mazur’s Bakery has been a leading choice for decorative cakes in Bergen County NJ Now under new management by Sugarflake Bakery, we aim to provide the quality of products and service that made Mazur’s Bakery such a popular name. We only use the freshest high quality ingredients on our cakes so they really taste as good as they look. Our cake shop makes distinctive cakes in any shape which means that your friends, family, and co-workers can have a special cake that reflects their hobbies and personality. Our professional staff at Mazur’s Bakery is devoted to providing exceptional customer service and delivering the most tasty decorative cakes in Hackensack NJ.

h3>Specialty Cake Bergen County NJ

Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery in Bergen County NJ will create a birthday cake that will trump any attempt from a commercial chain bakery. Rather than making generic cakes for children, our bakery makes specialty cakes that are equally as one of a kind as your son or daughter. Special birthdays, such as your son or daughter’s first or their sixteenth need even more distinctive cakes then we commonly make. In case your child has celiac disease, we also make mouth watering gluten free cakes as well. We also offer custom adult birthday cakes in Hackensack NJ that will be the talk of any party!

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One of the reasons the display window of our cake shop in Bergen County NJ has grown to be an iconic landmark is that we display some of the most elegant traditional wedding cakes, along with creative wedding cakes that represent the personalities of the couple. Our bakers pride themselves on using only the best, freshest ingredients so that you know that your cake will taste as good as it seems. Besides our traditional wedding cakes, we create custom wedding cakes which will can fit the craziest imagination. Our bakery serving Hackensack NJ is family owned, which means we comprehend the stress that comes with a wedding, so we make sure your cake is going to be ready right on time.

Gluten Free Cake Bergen County NJ

In the event you have an intolerance to gluten, you can nevertheless indulge in your favorite baked goods because our cake shop offers a wide array of gluten free pastries. Unlike the gluten free cakes made available from other bakeries in the region, Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery’s gluten free cakes are moist and packed with flavor. We’re also known for our gluten free brownies, cupcakes, frozen quiches, and cookies. We work hard to please everyone with our tasty decorative cakes in Bergen County NJ. Our goal to be able to please everyone with our amazing and delicious custom cakes in Hackensack NJ.