Mazurs Sugarflake Bakery NJ

Decorative Cake Oradell NJ

For years, Mazur’s Bakery set for bar for excellence for specialty cakes in Bergen County NJ. Under new ownership from the locally renowned Sugarflake Bakery, Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery aims to set the new standard for wedding, birthday, and additional decorative cakes. When purchasing this landmark retail and commercial baked goods and bakery, our aim is restoring it to its rightful place as a top selection for all your needs in terms of specialty cakes in Oradell NJ.

Bake Shop Bergen County NJ

If you want to see some of the most taste tempting and attractive custom cakes, wedding cakes, and birthday cakes in Bergen County NJ, all you need to do is stop by and look at our display windows. For both our public and commercial customers, we proudly offer an extensive assortment of freshly baked rolls, buns, and breads. All the items in our cake shop will be certain to taste as good as they look because of the fact that just the freshest and highest quality ingredients are used. Additionally, you will be amazed to discover our birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and even gluten free cakes are competitively priced when you compare the price of similar items offered by other bakeries in Bergen County NJ.

Cake Oradell NJ

In case you’re looking for a birthday cake in Bergen County NJ that is as unique as your family member, loved one, or friend, then look no further than Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery. It will not matter if you are celebrating the birthday of a child, teen, or adult. Our expert cake designers are able to create a cake which will fit the individual’s interests, be it a character cake, or a cake that resembles a guitar, car, hat box, shoe, or whatever else you’re able to dream up. To celebrate your loved one’s special day, we also offer a broad range of cake flavors and fillings from which you can select. In the event you are looking for a highly rated local bakery in Oradell NJ, don’t hesitate to stop by Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery.

Wedding Cake Bergen County NJ

Whether you’d like a traditional tiered cake or you’re you are searching for a wedding cake in Bergen County NJ that is as unique as the love you share with your spouse, look no further than Mazur’s Bakery. Our team works with you to create the right size specialty cake decorated to your specifications. If the bride, groom, or invitees have celiac disease or are gluten sensitive or intolerant, they can nevertheless enjoy a moist and delicious cake since we’re a leading choice for gluten free cakes in Bergen County NJ.