Mazurs Sugarflake Bakery NJ

Gluten Free

Celiac Disease has impacted the lives of the family of Sugarflake bakery when two children in the family were diagnosed with this disease. Celiac disease affects the digestive system and mainly the ability to absorb gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley.) Studies also show that a gluten-free diet is beneficial for many other diseases, including autism.

We found that most gluten-free baked goods did not taste very good and Sugarflake Bakery started experimenting with recipes to allow customers on a gluten-free diet to enjoy delicious baked foods without compromising on taste.

Our frozen desserts quiches are also sugar-free and reduced fat, and although we sell them mainly at supermarkets under the brand “Lean On Me Baking Company,” you will also find these healthy treats at our bakery.

Please note, gluten-free items must be ordered and we require 5 days advanced notice on gluten-free orders.

Our delicious, gluten-free treats include:

Cheese Cake
Frozen Quiches
Frozen Deserts