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Mazur’s Bakery opened its doors in 1937, earning a local reputation as a leading source of custom cakes in Bergen County with its window displays of baked goods. Today, the local owners of the Sugarflake bakeries purchased the landmark bake shop and re-opened this iconic bakery. If you’re looking for a custom cake, birthday cake, wedding cake, gluten free cake, sweet treats, or delicious freshly baked bread or rolls, you can rely on the same quality of baked-goods and attentive customer care that you have come to expect from Sugarflake with its multiple locations in Bergen County NJ. You will also be pleasantly surprised to discover the custom cakes sold at Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery are competitively priced when compared to those sold at grocery store bakeries in Bergen County NJ.

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For decades of families, Mazur’s Bakery has been a top option for custom cakes in Bergen County NJ to celebrate somebody special. Providing top quality products and service, we aim to carry on this tradition at Sugarflake Bakery. Whether you’re celebrating someone’s first birthday or an over the hill celebration, we can create custom cakes which will exactly fit your requirements. We have the ability to take your image or description and design a one of a kind birthday cake thanks to the abilities of our team. With a wide variety of cake flavors, frosting options, and filling choices, you can personalize your birthday cake even more. A custom gluten free cake in Upper Saddle River NJ is the perfect choice for those looking to celebrate the birthday of a loved one who has grain protein sensitivities or celiac disease. We’re confident you will love our gluten free cakes, which are extraordinarily moist and flavorful.

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Visit Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery, where wedding cakes in Bergen County NJ that are flavorful and artistic are what we specialize in. Our elegant traditional tiered wedding cakes will be sure to get your attention when you visit our bakery and have a look in our iconic display window. Our wedding cake designers have the ability to create a cake as unique as the bride and groom, so if you want something unique or more informal, let our cake designers know. Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery is the place to go in the event that you are searching for a gluten free wedding cake. You will find that our gluten free cakes are every bit as delectable and eye-catching as the other cakes we offer.

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In addition to being a favorite retail bakery in Bergen County NJ, Mazur’s Sugarflake Bakery also supplies wholesale custom cakes. Whether you’d like to have a special cake to feature on your restaurant’s menu or unique tea-cakes to serve guests at your Bed and Breakfast, you can depend on Mazur’s Bakery to deliver the quality and quantity of baked goods you want at a reasonable cost. We use only the finest quality ingredients and make your satisfaction our top priority, so give us a call whatever your requirements are for decorative cakes in Upper Saddle River NJ.